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Office Manager - Open Position

Position handles all of the administration of the company -  Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Financial Reporting, and Product Ordering. Also assures the accuracy of our quoting and maintains our network.  

Sales Manager - Open Position

Position is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with our Builder, Architect and Interior Design Customers.
Technician - Chris Helms

Chris is our field supervisor. He is responsible for the correct completion of each Pre-wire and ensures the distribution of workload within our team of installers. Chris is also our Security Specialist and is a Tech Level III Control 4 Programmer. 
Technician - Tom Spink

Tom is our most senior technician. He's been in the A/V business for over thirty-five years and is our Universal Remote programming Specialist. Tom also handles most of our Service Calls and HiFi House Calls. He is a CEDIA Certified Installer.
Vice-President / Operations Officer - Rick Hoop

Rick is in charge of the scheduling of our team of installers and our quality control. As a Co-owner he is also involved in the Direction and Vision of the company. He works closely with our Office Manager to ensure proper Inventory and Material Supply.
President / Director of Sales - Bill Duxbury

Dux is responsible for Sales, Advertising, Marketing and Finance. As a Co-owner he is also involved in the Direction and Vision of the company.
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