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Back in 1998, Bill Duxbury and Rick Hoop decided to leave very successful and secure careers in the transportation industry to pursue the purchase of Classic Stereo in Mishawaka. Nearly 14 months later (in January of 2000) they took possession of the retail operation on Grape Road under the corporate name - Dynamic A/V, Inc. Three short months later, they also acquired a small (Builder Owned) Custom Install company called Lifestyle Consulting.

The first several years were very difficult – to say the least. In spite of growing the business against tremendous odds, it became obvious that the future of electronics sales (like so many other small businesses) would be dominated by big box retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and ABC Warehouse.

From almost day one, they knew that the future of the business was in Custom Installation and they focused as much of their attention as they possibly could on growing that side of the business. As fast as revenues derived from Custom Install grew – retail numbers equally declined. With a never say die attitude they made the difficult decision to close the retail operation in April 2003 and focus 100% on Custom Installation.

It’s rare that a company has the opportunity to reinvent itself by cutting out what isn’t working and marching forward with what is – but that’s exactly what they were able to do. Since making that change the company has never looked back. Lifestyle Consulting is clearly the go-to company for high end Home Theater and Home Automation in Michiana. Additionally, at the request of several influential customers, Dynamic also started a Security division in 2003 called Iron Clad Security (ICS). Over the next several years ICS has become the company of choice for consumers wanting the very best combination of peace of mind, value, and world class service.

Supported by some of the very best Builders, Architects, and Interior Design Organizations, Lifestyle Consulting has built a reputation for follow-through and quality.

Their philosophy is simple - they want every customer to have an outstanding experience with the company as well as the products and services they offer. With each and every sale they make a conscious effort to deliver more than what’s expected, instead of falling short like so many other companies. Lifestyle's very best advertising is our distinguished list of past and current customers.

If you’re curious on which Low Voltage company to use for your project – check around and ask significant people in the community – the overwhelming response will be

Lifestyle Consulting!

Today, there are two additional divisions under the Dynamic A/V umbrella:

Aqua Performance Technology and AV Software Solutions

Please feel free to visit the websites of either subsidiary by clicking the name.