Home automation

 What is Home Automation?

Home Automation is much more than just a universal remote, or a few dimming light switches. Whole home control is technology that links and controls the electronics and systems in your home – through one easy-to-use interface. At Lifestyle Consulting, we believe that life's better when everything works together.

Imagine having one remote that can:

  • control your home theater and dim the lights as the opening credits roll
  • turn off all the TVs in the house when the kids are supposed to be doing their homework
  • alert you that you left the garage door open, which you can close from any TV in the house or your smart phone from anywhere
  • manage your lights, window coverings and thermostats to reduce your energy bills
  • monitor your door locks, lights and security cameras for a little extra peace of mind
  • choose music from any streaming service or radio station on the planet and play it in any or every room of the house

Home Automation starts with a few basic categories: One-touch Home Theater, Multi-room Music, Smart Lighting, Advanced Temperature Control, Safety and Security. But the possibilities are virtually endless. With Lifestyle Consulting and Control4, you can control virtually anything in your home.

Obviously, you can control your entire system within your home, but imagine operating your lighting, adjusting your temperature, arming and disarming your security, viewing your cameras, and even locking and unlocking doors with your iPhone or Android.


Control4 is a full-featured, practical and reliable home-automation system at a price that fits into your budget. Our scalable design also means that it’s not an all-or-nothing solution — you can start with a basic system and upgrade over time with solutions that fit your lifestyle as well as your budget.


Control4 products are easily installed in both new and existing homes. We leverage standards-based wireless and wired technology so you don’t have to tear open walls or remodel your entire home. A complete home-control solution can be installed and programmed in a matter of hours or days so you can begin enjoying it right away.

Easy to Use

Control4 solutions are truly Everyday EasyTM. We take all of the technology in your home and make it work together, effortlessly. Now, you can easily manage the lighting, security, music and entertainment in your home without dozens of remotes, a degree in programming or a library of manuals.

How can Home Automation benefit me?

Lighting Control -
The use of an engineered lighting control system can save on bulb life and on electric bills.

Additionally, the use of a centrally controlled lighting system allows you to have lights turn on and off automatically when you push your garage door opener or set your security system. With programming you can also create paths that light up frequently traveled areas of your home.

Centralized lighting also gives you the flexibility of determining light intensity through dimming. Getting up in the middle of the night and following a path of lighting at 25% intensity to the bathroom is safer and easier on the eyes!

Thermostat Control -
Centralized temperature control can help in the conservation of our natural resources. Set events where temperature is adjusted based on other things happening or simple programming that adjusts heating and cooling at different times of the day or night. 

Cameras -

See what's going on at your house when you're away. With internet connectivity, from anywhere on the planet, you can see your home (inside or out) and make sure everything is okay. Additionally you can view your cameras from any TV in your house.

Driveway Alerts -
Lifestyle Consulting can add sensors in your driveway or at the entrance of your property to alert you when you have visitors. Sensor systems can also turn on outside lights for better nighttime vision or trigger security systems to potential trespassers.

Heated Floors -
Hate walking across a cold tile floor? Electric Radiant heat can keep your floors at a constant, comfortable temperature year around. Heated floor systems also aid in the heating of your entire home by keeping floors at a more constant temperature.

Central Vac Systems -
A Central Vacuum System provides a quiet, easy, and healthy way to keep your home clean. Does anyone in your family have allergies or respiratory problems? A Central Vac System can take impurities and odors out of your home and get them outside where they can't affect sensitive lungs and sinuses.

Distributed Audio -
Are you a music lover? How would you like the ability to listen to your favorite music in key areas throughout your home? A Distributed Audio System can do just that. Streaming audio and TV audio can be distributed wherever you want it and you can have the ability to control the volume level in each location.

Distributed Video -
Want to be able to have the same DVD play on every TV in your house? How about watching a crystal clear High Definition image on a TV above your fireplace with no equipment in sight? That's what Distributed Video can do.

Computer Networking and Connectivity -
Want to network all of your computers? How about the ability to share hard drives on different computers in your home or at the office? Computer Networking can give you all kinds of flexibility. We also assist with Secure Wireless Connectivity.

We only use the most current technologies to make your life easier, more fun and more satisfying.