structured wiring

 At Lifestyle Consulting we believe that in order for things to work correctly when the project wraps up - you have to watch the details from the very start. The Pre-wire is the critical first step for any Low Voltage project. We use only the highest quality wire and we never "daisy chain" our runs. Every TV, Phone and Data drop are taken from box location to Home Run location directly, and our Home Runs include complete trim-out, Punch Down and Panel.

Ever have a hum or buzz on a phone line? Or how about a blip or static on your TV when someone uses the Microwave or a hair dryer? That means that the Low Voltage wires were run too close to High Voltage and anything with a fast motor is causing the romex to emit a 60 cycle signal that is being picked up by the Low Voltage wiring. At Lifestyle Consulting we take special care to stay away from High Voltage during the Pre-wire stage of the project.

To ensure that our Pre-wires are done correctly, we reward our Installers for watching the little things. Installers can earn incentives through our Quality Program by making sure they accomplish preset company standards for integrity, completeness and care. No one watches the little things better than Lifestyle Consulting.